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CBI’s EU debate – great news for UK workers

The CBI published research today which showed that British households are £3,000 better off by the UK being a member of the EU.  Its business case for staying a member has the support of eight in ten CBI members and

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Technology – good or bad for our engagement at work?

In the latest RSA Animate video, Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft, imagines what might be possible if more organisations embraced the full, empowering potential of technology.  Access to technology theoretically makes us more mobile and offers better flexible

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Winning the generation game

There is nothing new about different generations working side by side.  The younger ‘apprentice’ learns by following the older worker.  What is different nowadays is that younger workers have new key skills which are in demand from employers – social

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Engaging introverted workers

Just reading the brilliant well researched book Quiet by Susan Cain about introverts in the Western workforce that mostly encourages extrovert behaviours.  These workplaces are designed to support extrovert behaviours including open plan offices, team working, group away days, reward

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Getting your engagement index right

We often get asked about which indicators to include in an employee engagement index when conducting an employee survey.  The indicators that should be included depend on the organisation’s HR strategy. For example, an organisation seeking growth, performance or change

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Hotels appearing as the new employers of choice

As the latest UK Best Companies league tables have just been announced, hotel groups appear to be taking many of the key positions in the Big Companies table.  An industry where engaged employees at the customer interface makes a huge

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Make Blue Monday a Blooming Monday…

‘Blue Monday’ is the third Monday in January. It’s the day that is allegedly the most depressing day of the year. Weather’s generally a bit rotten, overspending at Christmas or in the Sales means that we’re all desperately looking forward

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Team talk at Santa Ltd

Working as a team under pressure is naturally important at Santa Ltd.  Knowing each others strengths and preferences can really help the reindeer team. During November 2012, the team underwent a Belbin team roles assessment to help them prepare for

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Family and friends as 360 assessment raters?

“If we’re basing all the responses on self-reports, which is the norm, rather than having somebody else giving them the feedback, then we may be handing people’s biased perceptions right back to them.“ Prof. Connelly, University of Toronto Research from

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Engage for Success report published

The long awaited Engage for Success evidence report was published today.  Some of the key points of evidence about the importance of employee engagement to organisational performance (which have been gathered with leading research firms) include: one third of UK

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