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Research on the business case for employee engagement

“Despite the difficulties and weaknesses it is hard to ignore the volume of studies which show, to varying degrees, with varying sophistication, a positive relationship between high performance/involvement work practices and outcome measures.” John Purcell in Engaging for Success A

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Show me your money

In a groundbreaking experiment, Pimlico Plumbers asked all employees to share their salary details with others in the organisation. Like in most British companies, salary levels had been kept secret, so what is the impact on workers about sharing their

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Linking employee and customer engagement

Employee research has often assumed that higher employee engagement drives higher customer engagement.  Sears employee-profit value chain is an oft cited example of this one-direction analysis. However, research recently published in the Journal of Marketing by Zablah et al. (2012)

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A change of heart

For International Women’s Day, Talent Glue has conducted it’s latest research of over 1,200 people exploring trends and differences in the relationship that women have with their workplace when compared with their male colleagues.

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Diagnosing employee problems with social network mapping

Recent research has again demonstrated the benefit of combining an employee survey with a social networking mapping tool to diagnose engagement issues in an organisation. This methodology offers insight into the interactions and collaboration within the workforce.

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Data protection at Santa Ltd

Prancer, the HR Director at Santa Ltd, was recently reviewing Data Protection policies at Santa Ltd using the ACAS Personnel data and Record Keeping report.  Prancer was thinking about conducting at employee survey at Santa Ltd during a quieter period

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How the recession has affected workplace engagement

In the ongoing economic uncertainty, attitudes have changed towards employers. Our latest research, n at the UK private sector, shows how these attitude changes differ between the generations in the workforce which partly reflect their experience of previous economic downturns.

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Surprising truth about motivation (Daniel Pink)

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Emotional engagement

Latest research from the CIPD in partnership with Kingston Business School has been evaluating how best to measure employee engagement.  Their research has identified a difference between emotional and transactional engagement and the implications for worker behaviour and attitudes. 

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