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Do you have a ‘corporate psychopath’ in your midst?

Like 100 other people, I attended a talk yesterday evening by Prof Clive Boddy from Middlesex University.  He shared his research into who can be considered a ‘corporate psychopath’ (CP) and why they can do serious damage to an organisation

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We’re attending… an event on Corporate Psychopaths!

We’re really looking forward to attending this Cambridge Network event, led by Prof Clive Boddy, about how charisma can turn into manipulation. The parallel between criminal and corporate psychopaths is startling – from a lack of empathy with others to

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10 ways to develop managers with a ‘geek interface’

In many technical businesses, the biggest talent management challenge isn’t recruiting people with the right technical skills but having the managers with the right knowhow and who fit the culture of the organisation. Not just any managers, but managers with

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