Employee engagement

Engaging a team with the organisation can be a complex task. This involves understanding the behavioural dynamics, design, expectations and interaction with the team’s stakeholders. Where there is low engagement within a team, we offer support for the team members as well as for the manager to build team behaviour and improve interdependence. We explore the structure, processes and softer behavioural issues that can significantly damage employee engagement.

Based on workplace research from various sources, we have developed a rigorous approach to assessing and developing the right manager behaviours.

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Our research around ‘generation glue’

We're currently conducting our latest research around attitudes towards work from people across the five generations. Please contribute to our research by completing this quick self assessment tool about how you see the workplace, engagement with your employer and your career. You can submit an email address to receive our research report which will be published later in the year.

See our previous research on this subject which was published by the CIPD.