Managing organisational careers

Product Description

Employers demonstrate commitment to their workers when they support their workers to feel stronger and better equipped in their careers.  This may be helping to develop people’s employable skills such as technology or communications.  It may also involve enabling workers to stretch in their jobs as well as move across the organisation.  This is especially important during a period of change. Employees can be understandably angry when they find they lack the skills to maintain their role during organisational transition and can turn this anger towards the organisation. This in turn can affect the organisation’s reputation as an employer. Whilst career resilience will not prevent job loss, it can prevent derailing careers and will help you to re-engage with your employees in turbulent times.

We help organisations to develop their career management offerings including:

  • individual career development including one to one career conversations and elearning tools
  • lunch and learn style workshops
  • training for managers around holding career conversations, coaching or mentoring
  • HR support around succession planning, mapping career paths in the organisation and tailoring career support for the different generations at work

Case study

Many universities have looked to improve their career development services to support their students and alumni with their job opportunities beyond their course. We worked with this university to improve their career development offering to their Business School alumni. We developed a ground breaking alumni-to-alumni mentoring programme which was to become a key part of the career development provision for the MBA community.

The programme involved training alumni volunteers to become mentors as well as engaged other alumni and students to take up the mentoring opportunities available to them. The programme was designed to be scalable as the demand was initially uncertain and so a modular approachw as taken to developing the mentors.

The learning requirements of the mentor audience were varied with some people completely new to mentoring whilst others had experience as career coaches in their day-to-day work. We developed a framework for training the alumni mentors that involved online learning, webinars and an ongoing peer support group. We also supported the School with contracting for mentees from the alumni network.

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