Change communications

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Product Description

Often, change programmes stall at the point of implementation across the workforce.  Sometimes change doesn’t happen because workers are overwhelmed by trying to do all of their old job as well as meet new demands.  Sometimes, people can’t see any benefit to change, perhaps having experienced failed change programmes before.  Sometimes, people lack a clear picture from a change strategy of what needs to change in day to day operations.

We help change managers and communications professional to ensure there is a clear value proposition for employees during periods of change.   The value proposition helps to incentivise people to make the change happen.  For example, we help you get the right messaging around:

  • why the change is necessary
  • how the organisation is maintaining its values
  • why it will be a good place to work in the future
  • how people can cope with the difficulties they may face during change
  • symbolising and communicating new cultural norms

Case study

A Public sector organisation was undergoing significant strategic and structural change in response to funding restrictions and essential efficiency gains. The senior team wanted to consult employees to help guide decision-making and engage people through the changes. Were people enablers or resistors to change and what action could be taken?

We developed an employee stakeholder consultation programme involving tracker surveys, focus groups and interviews. Through our diagnostic research, we were able to segment the workforce into different types of stakeholder audience based on their attitudes towards the change programme. Our insight was then used to develop a change communications programme tailored to address concerns and wishes pertinent to each of these stakeholder groups.

Our research around organisational relationships

We conduct regular research around developing different organisational capabilities. We have published research on behalf of the CMI and The Work Foundation. See more about our research in our Organisational Relationships research pages.

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