Diagnosing change issues

We use off-the-shelf and bespoke tools to conduct our diagnostics and feel confident that we can develop an appropriate solution for your organisation.  Please get in touch using the details on the right and we can discuss your requirements.

Product Description

Are your employees with you when you propose change? Do they really understand where the organisation needs to head and what this means for them? Are there pockets of people who are resistant to change and who could create problems for the change programme being embedded?

We work with employers who want to prepare their change communications for different stakeholders or evaluate where they are mid-change programme. Some of the ways that we help organisations through our diagnosis include:

  • evaluate the workforce stakeholders such as identifying who are the ‘change makers’ or the ‘resistors’ across the organisation, the size of these groups and the risks associated with their outlook on organisational change
  • the reasons for resistance to change
  • what messages will help people to perform within a changing organisational environment.

Case study

This Public Sector organisation was looking to evaluate the change that it had been implementing and what impact it was having on front line workers. The intended objectives of its change programme were only partially met and enthusiasm for change seemed to have dropped across the unionised organisation.

We worked with the organisation to develop a ‘change index’ and a range of attitudinal measures about the change programme and what should have been its visible impact on day to day organisational activities. We identified several stakeholder groups – those who were advocates for change, supporters, passive workers and those who are actively resisting change. The attitudes of each of these groups were analysed to create a change communication plan that targeted action from each group.

Our research around organisational relationships

We conduct regular research around developing different organisational capabilities. We have published research on behalf of the CMI and The Work Foundation. See more about our research in our Organisational Relationships research pages.

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