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Product Description

Are you looking for the right engagement strategy for your organisation? Is your organisation currently in start-up mode, rapidly growing, shrinking or evolving? Are you a large multi-national, a paternalistic local firm or somewhere between the two? Is your workforce a mix of sales people, scientists, experienced professionals, young apprentices? Your organisation’s context is central to the type of engagement strategy that will work with your employees. Implementing an inappropriate engagement strategy can cost money and even damage engagement.

A review of your employee engagement strategy might be needed when:

  • going through significant periods of growth
  • a change in performance levels is required
  • certain demographics in the workforce leave
  • there is significant change planned or happening in the organisation

An engagement strategy that has the right fit for the workforce will be focused on enabling people across the organisation to feel involved.  We help you evaluate and refine your engagement strategy to ensure it is targeting the people who are key to your organisation’s future success.

Case study

We have worked with this professional services organisation over a long period of change – including periods of growth, restructuring, and several acquisitions. The organisation seeks to maintain a consistent employer brand and organisation values in how it engages its workforce. In particular, they have been keen to absorb the acquired organisations into the dominant culture, whilst respecting what has made these organisations successful.

We have advised and supported this organisation on its employee engagement activities throughout these changes. For example,
– identifying cultural differences during mergers,
– targeting areas of the business with retention problems,
– highlighting employer strengths to build pride and encourage workforce growth,
– identify actions to help boost engagement levels such as improved wellbeing practices, fair pay and career development opportunities

Over time, this organisation’s employee engagement levels have doubled. There are also recognised as having a strong management culture and good workforce development opportunities.

Our research around ‘generation glue’

We're currently conducting our latest research around attitudes towards work from people across the five generations. Please contribute to our research by completing this quick self assessment tool about how you see the workplace, engagement with your employer and your career. You can submit an email address to receive our research report which will be published later in the year.

See our previous research on this subject which was published by the CIPD.

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