Building your employer brand

Building your employer brand

We work with our clients to help uncover their unique stories and strengths that generate passion among their employees.

Product Description

To attract and retain the best employees, a successful employer brand ensures you are noticeable, relevant, differentiated from direct competitors and that emotional engagement is achieved with the organisation. An effective employer brand resonates with employees and has integrity between what is espoused about the organisation and what is experienced by employees. Otherwise, a misaligned brand can create distrust and disconnection in the workforce.

We work with our clients to help uncover their unique stories and strengths that generate passion among their employees. Knowing why the current workforce is engaged is essential to managing the pains. A successful employer brand and value proposition ensures you are noticeable, relevant and differentiated from direct competitors and also that emotional engagement is achieved with the organisation.  Through our range of services, we:

  • identify actions that help reinforce a meaningful and coherent brand
  • segment the workforce to help prioritise where to invest resources to best effect
  • explore any gaps in what is being promised with what is being delivered
  • advise on the good practices of organisations that are ‘doing it well’ to help generate new ideas or approaches
  • maintain current benchmarking data so you know how others in your industry sector are typically performing

Case study

We worked with this manufacturing organisation to evaluate how their employer brand is viewed in their target employment market. The HR Director was keen to understand more about how to better attract the right talent for the organisation. They had experienced some problems trying to attract business development and marketing employees. They wanted to understand why people were not attracted to work for them and were considering repositioning their brand.

We interviewed a wide range of individuals from across the industry sector who would be considered ideal recruits into the organisation. Some interviewees had previously shown interest in the organisation but had not joined. We gathered their feedback around what they look for from employers, how they viewed the offering from this particular organisation and what they thought the organisation could do to better attract people like them.

The themes of feedback were analysed and a brand positioning report was shared with the HR Director with recommendations for improved recruitment communications.
In our report, we identified which elements of the employer brand to emphasise in recruitment communications. We also identified implicit elements of the current brand – both positive and negative – that needed to be emphasised or tackled. Our work helped the organisation to develop its strategy and communication activities.

Our research around Employer Brand

We conduct a lot of research around branding for individual organisations to help them determine what makes them unique. See our published research on what makes a great employer which was published by Manpower.

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