The Engaged Team programme

Product Description

How can you engage your team to help you all function more effectively?  The focus of our workshop is on team building through a facilitated workshop with a focus on building better understanding around team role contributions, team competencies and how to manage conflict. We also look to establish whether engagement issues relate to the team’s interaction or with the wider organisation and implement improvements such as establishing shared values, recognition and reward

Before the workshop, we use a range of tools to conduct an assessment that will help the team understand differing perspectives.  Our off-the-shelf tools include Belbin’s Team roles, Myers Briggs Type indicators (MBTI), Type Dynamics Indicators (TDI) and Thomas Killmann’s conflict modes.  We also use bespoke designed assessment tools such as The Engaged Team Assessment to get to the heart of the issues in your team’s specific context.

We will then agree with you the focus for the workshop and your aims.  This format often includes:

  • current position – the purpose, direction and current challenges for the team
  • team make up – reflecting on any assessment findings around strengths, conflicts and opportunities
  • team building – exploring how to make the most of the team’s strengths and opportunities that emerge from this
  • team action planning – what actions you can take to tackle any emerging weaknesses and related threats to the team’s performance

Case study

The regional office of this international pharmaceutical organisation wanted to finds ways to improve team work amongst people with very different personalities and professional roles. The organisation had grown and centrally restructured affecting the career paths and performance demands on the team. Could the manager rely on retaining team members and managing conflict to help them perform better?

We worked with the team to develop a language to explore these differences. We conducted a team review interviewing each individual in the team around performance and career development. Several assessment tools were used to help develop the team’s self awareness around team roles, conflict management, career motivations and preferences. Through a series of one to one sessions and team workshops, the team started to uncover why they faced certain challenges such as attitudes to working hours, methods of addressing conflict etc. The team created some principles around working together that would help drive their business forward and enable recruitment of the right fit of people in the future.

What is you preferred team role?

Have you heard people describing someone as a completer-finisher or a plant? We all have a natural preferred role in a team that is based on our motivations, abilities and personalities.
Try the assessment by clicking on the picture below to see which is your preferred team role.

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