Managing diversity

Engaging diverse groups

Product Description

Do you know how different demographic groups engage with you?  We work with organsations to enable them to create an inclusive culture, where everyone feels valued and is treated with dignity and respect – somewhere employees can reach their potential regardless of their background.

We help organisations with their diversity strategy, policies and practices. This includes developing long-term strategies for talent development, employer branding, recruitment practices, cultural awareness and career development activities.  These include

  • Conducting targeted research to engage all segments of the workforce
  • Advising around recruitment to target under-represented groups
  • Conducting equality audits and surveys – both integral to staff engagement surveys and as stand alone research projects

Case study

Following the results of an employee survey, we worked with this financial services organisation to explore the differences in views around management careers for those from white and minority ethnic backgrounds. We interviewed or conducted focus groups with the managers.

The minority group were found to have a more transactional relationship with the organisation as their professional support network was primarily external to the organisation rather than with other managers within the business. They had all been recruited externally for the roles and were not actively looking for career development support from the employer. The organisation chose to start encouraging a clearer internal support network and communicating development opportunities for this group.

Our research around ‘generation glue’

We're currently conducting our latest research around attitudes towards work from people across the five generations. Please contribute to our research by completing this quick self assessment tool about how you see the workplace, engagement with your employer and your career. You can submit an email address to receive our research report which will be published later in the year.

See our previous research on this subject which was published by the CIPD.

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