Engaging new recruits

We support organisations looking to get the initial induction and orientation right for their employees.

Product Description

In the relationship building of the first 100 days of joining an organisation, an employee’s expectations are set.   This time influences how they will relate to the organisation for all of the time they work there – and so are essential to their ongoing engagement and performance in the organisation.  A timely, useful induction is one part of this process.  Broader orientation, manager’s support and the opportunity to develop a network of relationships that will support the worker to perform are also essential.

We support organisations looking to get the initial induction and orientation right for their employees. We review each point of the entry process and the roles expected of key people in the organisation to engage the new recruit.

Case study

A technology company wanted to improve its induction and orientation process to ensure that new starters were able to perform effectively as quickly as possible. They were concerned that there was no consistency in the induction people received as they were conducted by individual line managers. Often people were inducted into their specific role but had limited understanding of the wider organisation. As a result, there were siloes between teams and communication/teamwork across th eorgansation was felt to be suffering.

We conducted a review of each point of the current induction process and how people could find key information such as the business culture, people who could help them, key clients and stakeholders.

We worked with the organisation to develop a clear induction process. This included improvements to the local induction that managers were expected to conduct, including a checklist of what they should cover. We also helped to develop a centrally delivered induction workshop which would be run by HR or a senior manager in addition to the line manager induction. This workshop offers orientation into the wider organisation including key contacts and to showcase new client projects. Initial feedback from recruits indicated that the workshop was valuable to feeling part of the organsiation.

Our research around Employer Brand

We conduct a lot of research around branding for individual organisations to help them determine what makes them unique. See our published research on what makes a great employer which was published by Manpower.

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