Designing engaging jobs

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Product Description

People are more motivated, and perform better. in a job that is well designed. Ambiguity, conflict of priorities, contradictory demands and lack of meaningful work can affect any worker’s engagement levels and can result in stress and a steady drop in productivity. Job design is concerned with how an individual can co-ordinate their different responsibilities to perform effectively. As people develop and organisations change, the design of the job can become misaligned – tasks that are no longer relevant, duplication of effort, or the worker has become so efficient at the role that they no longer feel any challenge from it.  The result is that extra effort does not result in extra performance; discretionary effort of engaged employees no longer achieves better performance.

We work with HR and line managers to develop clearer job descriptions, define the performance criteria related to roles, develop suitable development plans, review recruitment processes and team structures.

Case study

A technology business wanted help to improve performance and address conflict and ambiguity across several teams including sales and operations. As part of our review of performance issues, job descriptions and role profiles were assessed. There was little consistency in format and often a lack of clear performance criteria and accountabilities. As a result, managers found it difficult to articulate ways to differentiate between high and average performers. Performance review conversations tends to ensure that people had delivered the basic requirements of their job and there was little recognition or reward for high performance. As a result, employees felt demotivated in their jobs.

We worked with the HR team and managers to
– establish a clear template for job descriptions including role profiles, performance criteria and potential career paths
– develop a series of core competencies to enable assessment of skills and development needs across the organisation
– populate the job descriptions for their teams’ roles (starting with new recruits)

As a result, there was improved feedback from employees around how their performance is assessed and the quality of career development opportunities.

Our research around ‘generation glue’

We're currently conducting our latest research around attitudes towards work from people across the five generations. Please contribute to our research by completing this quick self assessment tool about how you see the workplace, engagement with your employer and your career. You can submit an email address to receive our research report which will be published later in the year.

See our previous research on this subject which was published by the CIPD.

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