The Engaging Manager programme

Product Description

Do you have engaging managers in your organisation? A key influence on employee engagement is often the relationship between the manager and individual employee.  Managers who are good at engaging their team are noted to have several competencies in common: guiding and leading the team, role modelling, supporting employee development and building team relationship.  There are many expectations placed on managers by their team that can be difficult to navigate. From demands for career development, better worklife balance to clear direction on what to do, a manager needs to have a clear narrative and some simple tools to help.

This programme targets employee engagement at the heart of where problems may occur and where change can be achieved rapidly.  Through the programme, managers become more aware of the behaviours that boost team engagement, how they are performing and practice developing them. To embed management learning, we offer a feedback assessment tool to help managers evaluate their current team environment combined with one-to-one coaching or workshop support.  Our workshop can be tailored for new line managers or experienced manager peer groups.

The key benefits of the workshop include:

  • Gives managers time to reflect on their manager style, develop the way they communicate this and how they manage differences within the team
  • Explores the team’s purpose and how this is communicated within the team as well as with other stakeholders
  • Offers simple tools to help managers tackle career conversations with their team

Case study

We worked with the European management team of this international media organisation. The team were not used to working together as a team or leading the engagement of the local workforce. As a result, there were significant differences in the experiences of the employees across the local workforce which was affecting engagement and retention. There was a diverse workforce but was struggling to retain the younger segment of its workforce – Generation Y (those under 35) – working in its digital operations. This segment of workers were key to attract and retain as they had digital skills which were vital to the organisation. These employees did not feel there there were opportunities for career progression across the organisation. These employees were expecting to be able to move between teams to widen their skills set rather than wait for gradual promotion to more senior levels.

Through a workshop, the management team identified the need to develop a local, consistent approach to employee communications and also to holing career conversations to help better develop their people and improve retention. Coaching and further workshops were conducted to enable individual managers to understand how to hold career development conversations and identify opportunities.

As a result, workers also were more likely to feel that they could develop their career with the employer. The organisation’s employee engagement and retention levels improved significantly.

Are you an engaging manager?

Do you feel you get the best out of your team? Do you manage in an engaging way?
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