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Mapping management capability

Product Description

We work with employers to evaluate the management and leadership capability across the organisation. This can help them to:

  • articulate what skills and abilities are required
  • identfy which abilities and competences are driving higher performance
  • establish their strengths and weaknesses
  • design large scale training and development programmes that they might want to put in place
  • inform any changes to performance management programmes around which behaviours should be rewarded

We design and use a combination of self assessment, 360 assessments, employee surveys and other performance information to assess capability levels.  We also offer one to one coaching, as required, to support individual development conversations.

Case study

We worked with the top 250 managers and leaders in this Central Government department. They wanted to implement a new leadership development programme and were keen to conduct a 360 assessment with each manager to evaluate their organisation’s capability at the start and end of the leadership development programme.

We designed the assessment tools to reflect the leadership competency framework and to ensure the managers would have valuable feedback to identify their individual learning needs for the programme. We conducted self assessments and 360 assessments in tranches. We also used the staff survey results to link the management behaviours to the impact on the workforce such as clarity around the direction, focus on customer service and operational excellence.

Our research around organisational capability

We conduct regular research around developing different organisational capabilities. We have published research on behalf of the CMI and The Work Foundation. See more about our research in our Organisational Capabilities research pages.

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