Organisational network mapping

Product Description

Creating a social network map within your organisation can be a hugely beneficial exercise to understanding how the organisation actually functions. Organisation charts reflect internal hierarchy and reporting relationships but they don’t demonstrate who people go to for advice, who people share ideas with at the ‘water cooler’ or how information moves around the organisation.  Anybody who has been through significant restructuring or a merger with another organisation, will appreciate how the social functioning and knowledge of the organisation can be affected.  Social network mapping can be used to determine the level of connection and information sharing among employees within the organisation. Key employees can be identified as facilitators or inhibitors to communication flow. The mapping reveals ‘webs’ of influence, sharing, trust and mutuality to help understand how groups collaborative together. These webs can be useful to understand individual teams but also the wider interaction across ‘organisational silos’. These webs can effectively map the discretionary effort and engagement at work in your organisation.

Case study

In this logistics business, we used organisational network mapping to explore communication flow across the workforce. The main purpose of the mapping was to evaluate internal communication activities by exploring the kinds of information flowing between individuals, the channels used, what information is being recorded and where there is duplication of processes.

The mapping illustrated how the intangible flow of information moves around the organisation including where there are hubs of creativity and innovation. It also illustrated which managers and individuals were contributing the most intangible value to the business (beyond what is formally measured in performance management processes). For example, certain managers were identified as being the people who others would go to for informal coaching or mentoring. One manager was identified as being overloaded by information as people from many levels seemed to consider this manager as the ‘go to person’ in a position of influence.

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