Refining performance management

Product Description

We work with organisations to help review the design of their performance management programmes to better fit the needs of their organisation.  Sometimes as a result or growth or change, performance management processes become misaligned with the organisation’s needs and it becomes more difficult to know:

  • how the organisation is performing in relation to its goals,
  • what skills and behaviours actually contribute to high performance
  • who are the high performers in each team (and hence reward them)

We offer advisory support as well as helping build workforce capability around management performance.  Our services include:

  • supporting managers around objective setting, differentiating between average a top performers, holding performance conversations and linking individual performance and reward
  • evaluating operation architecture of the performance system in the organisation such as performance process mapping, alignment of metrics, and linking organisational performance and reward practices
  • improving strategic performance management such as line of sight, and links to other HR practices such as talent management and communications

Case study

We worked with a rapidly growing technology organisation to evaluate and refine their performance management programme. They had implemented a performance management process that would support a larger, more stable organisation but it did not offer them the adaptability and responsiveness needed to support their business. Often managers and employees found their performance review conversations involved discussing how targets were out of date or the requirements of roles had changed in the previous twelve months. Asa result, the senior mangers found there was no clear picture of who was performing well or who they should reward.

We worked with the senior team to agree a refined approach to performance management that involved monthly exception reporting – paperwork was only needed if circumstances had changed or there was high/low performance that needed to be recorded. Managers were trained on the revised processes and helped to ensure the design of the programme could be adapted to their specific team’s needs.

The changed performance process enabled the organisation to have a more immediate picture of which targets were on or off course. By implementing this more frequent review, managers found that they paid more attention to the significant actions of their team members. Employees found that feedback was more valuable as it was given more closely to the action they had taken. The senior managers also felt they could better recognise and reward high performers.

Our research around organisational capability

We conduct regular research around developing different organisational capabilities. We have published research on behalf of the CMI and The Work Foundation. See more about our research in our Organisational Capabilities research pages.

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