Stakeholder management

Product Description

To ensure the intended change and its benefits are realised, it is vital to understand the views of different stakeholders and how they can be engaged in what is happening.   Some stakeholders will be expected to make change happen whilst others are the targets of the change.  A lack of stakeholder management is one of the key reasons why change projects fail.  Often, a stakeholder analysis might be done at a strategic level to evaluate the overall change strategy; however, ‘real change’ happens throughout the organisation.  Individual change agents and managers may need to conduct their own stakeholder analysis and take action to ensure change is successful.

Through workshops and individual support, we help change agents and managers working at all levels to:

  • identify, categorise and evaluate their stakeholders
  • assess the impact that change will have on them
  • build a win:win approach to these working relationships

Our research around organisational relationships

We conduct regular research around developing different organisational capabilities. We have published research on behalf of the CMI and The Work Foundation. See more about our research in our Organisational Relationships research pages.

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