Employee surveys

We use off-the-shelf and bespoke tools to conduct our diagnostics and feel confident that we can develop an appropriate solution for your organisation.  Please get in touch using the details on the right and we can discuss your requirements.

Product Description

An employee survey is an essential part of understanding your relationship with your employees.  We offer robustly designed ‘off the shelf’ tools as well as bespoke surveys which are tailored to your organisation. We offer employee engagement surveys as well as a variety of organisational diagnostics that can be used during a period of change, growth or to boost your organisation’s performance. We can offer a full service solution if you want to outsource or can work with you on any part of your project if you would prefer to partner on aspects of your project.

What makes our surveys different?

  • focus on what make a difference for your specific organisation – we select tools and their design to emphasise building on your organisation’s strengths – after all, these are what attract people to work for you. Our diagnostic expertise is built on years of experience to really understand the key issues and how these can be practically addressed by HR and management practices
  • pragmatic insight  – we use a variety of inferential analytical techniques to explore views of different groups within your workforce to target your actions to best effect
  • use pioneering technology – our survey tools offer a range of features including automatic group tracking with unique identifiers, ‘save and continue’, mobile and iPad compatible, and flexible question types to help you get to the heart of the issues you want to be investigated
  • flexible benchmarking – our independently researched benchmark data was gathered across a wide range of UK sectors to give you relevant and up to date comparison with others in your industry. We also offer benchmarks for UK region, organisational size, function, management grade and different age groups


Case study

We are working with this large, complex Local Government organisation supporting its Employee Consultation programme during a six year period of significant change, restructuring and tighter finances. Employee engagement is central to efficiency gains and maintaining customer service.

As part of the consultation programme, we are running interviews, focus groups, employee surveys and pulse surveys to evaluate progress, diagnose emerging issues and help prioritise management actions at all levels. We have helped increase response rates by nearly 50% by improving the design of the consultation programme and by involving employees and managers at each stage.

Our research around ‘generation glue’

We're currently conducting our latest research around attitudes towards work from people across the five generations. Please contribute to our research by completing this quick self assessment tool about how you see the workplace, engagement with your employer and your career. You can submit an email address to receive our research report which will be published later in the year.

See our previous research on this subject which was published by the CIPD.

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