Workplace wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing

Our Workplace Wellbeing services help you build the sustainable wellbeing of your workforce in a way that ensures return on investment.

Product Description

Workplace wellbeing is about more than the physical ergonomics of someone’s desk, about the health and safety policies or about managing stress levels during a busy period. As employers, wellbeing can be affected by the operational processes we run, levels of trust offered to workers and how we manage organisational change. Our research programme therefore explores workplace wellbeing across four key dimensions: the individual worker, job-related factors, the working environment and the organisational context.

Our workplace wellbeing services cover:

  • the employee psychological contract and whether they are able to maintain wellbeing and resilience
  • the impact of job design on people’s ability to perform
  • the role of managers in ensuring wellbeing
  • the design of the working environment for office, site, mobile and remote workers
  • what impact all of this has on performance and reputation as an employer
  • what employees view as the key issues are doing well to boost wellbeing or what they can practically do if they face workforce wellbeing problems.


Additional Information

Diagnostic Audit

Our audit can help you to assess the sustainable wellbeing of your workforce and helps you to determine the return on investment of your current initiatives as well as the business case for investing in a range of future initiatives.


We can deliver workshops (lunch and learn or longer sessions) to support employees and teams to maintain their own wellbeing. We also deliver sessions for managers and HR managers to explore specific issues that might be affecting wellbeing in the workplace.


We work with employers to make improvements around the culture, physical working environment and operational processes in the organisation that can affect employee wellbeing.

Case study

Following wider industry restructuring throughout the supply chain, this pharmaceutical organisation was keen to maintain its good reputation as an employer of choice. With a highly qualified workforce in a very competitive employer market, the organisation sought to reassure employees around their job security. We looked to establish a clear workforce wellbeing proposition to help improve communication, HR practices and management style.

The project initially involved an audit of wellbeing across four dimensions: psychological contract, job factors, environment and organisational culture. The audit involved a bespoke survey, focus groups and management interviews.

From the audit, employees were found to be highly supportive of the organisation in the context of industry changes. Engagement levels were assessed to be significantly higher than industry average. An emphasis on wellbeing and care of the workforce was identified as a key element of the psychological contract.

As a result, we supported the organisation with:
• Tweaked the internal communications strategy, brand and style to reinforce the key messages around wellbeing and other parts of the psychological contract
• Facilitated workshops with line managers and key stakeholders to ensure they had a shared understanding of the impact of the current situation and how to take proactive management action to reassure and retain employees

Our research around Workplace Wellbeing

We recently conducted comprehensive new research around the contribution of the physical working environment to worker wellbeing. We found that workers who were able to maintain their wellbeing were 40% more likely to be engaged with their workeplace. See more at our Workplace Wellbeing research pages.

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