Our research

Our ongoing research programme is a key part of how we advise our clients about the issues they face and the latest good practice. We have a long record of thought leadership research and have published our findings in partnership with a range of respected organisations. These have included the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), The Work Foundation, Penna Consulting, Manpower and the Open University Business School.  You can read some of our publications here.

We’re passionate about how employers and workers can work more effectively together for the benefit of both.  We focus on identifying the business issues and the potential practical solutions that employers can implement.  However, we often find through our research that good practices in some organisations need to be tailored to ‘work’ elsewhere and so we tend not to prescribe specific practices.  Instead, we identify the factors that employers can consider for their organisation along with case study examples of good practice.

Workforce wellbeing

Cambridge BluesWellbeing at work is about more than the physical ergonomics of someone's desk, about the health and safety policies or about managing stress levels during a busy period.  As employers, wellbeing can be affected by the operational processes we run, levels of trust offered to workers and how we manage organisational change.  Our research programme explores workplace wellbeing across four key dimensions: the individual worker, job-related factors, the working environment and the organisational context. See more

Generational Diversity

Generational diversityWith five generations now in the workforce, employers and managers are faced with people who have very different social, career and economic deals as well as different skill sets that are all valuable to their organisation.  We are looking at the impact of this diversity of expectations on how employers can attract, engaged, develop and retain the people they need; and the implications for HR and management practices. See more

Employment 'deal'

Employment dealWe regularly conduct research with individual employers and across the industry around the employment deal.  The economic and industrial environment can have a real impact on the relationship between employers and workers - influencing the investment in pay, people's skills and how employers relate to their workforce.  See more

Organisational capability

We regularly conduct research around organisational capability - be this specific capabilities that organisations need such as leadership, or the methods to improve capability such as performance management or career development.  See more

Organisational relationships

Organisational relationships and trust
We regularly conduct research around organisational relationships and their value to organisational functioning and performance.  These relationships include employee-manager relationship as well as the informal grapevine and communities such as creatives, technology gurus, people managers and a host of others that are vital to an organisation’s functioning. See more