Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our active work towards the goals

Our services are designed to help businesses support the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Stay well: We believe life and work pressures can affect anyone’s mental wellbeing at various points in our lives. We help employers to develop a healthy workplace culture and we help workers with their resilience. See our workforce wellbeing services

Learn and Teach: We believe there is a balance to be struck between developing workers to meet specific business needs and to maintain their general employability. We help employers build on their core capabilities and help workers develop to their potential. See our capability development services

Live better: We believe everyone can contribute given the opportunity. Through our employee experience and helping change stick services, we help employers create a great relationship with workers so people can do good work.

Be fair: We believe better listening is core to addressing inequalities. Through our team dynamics and coaching services, we encourage employers and workers to stay open minded, learn from others and seek to resolve issues caused by power imbalance.

Our campaigns around further goals

We also campaign to support the following SDGs:

Help end poverty: we demand fair contracts and development that supports job security for all. #sdg1

Treat everyone equally: we campaign online to oppose sexism and violence against women #sdg5
Make smart choices: we welcome innovations that make the world a better place

Live better: we encourage businesses to put people front and centre in their decision making

How we support the other SDGs

Although we don’t actively work towards the following goals as a business, here’s how we support the following SDGs:

We support the need to preserve and cherish water as everyone’s most valuable resource. We donate to Water Aid to support others in this work. Every time a client chooses to work with us, we donate £10 towards the charity.

The science says that planting millions of trees is core to addressing the carbon imbalance. We donate to the Woodland Trust to support their action in this area. Every time a client chooses to work with us, we donate £10 towards the Trust.

SDG 11

It may be small scale, but we choose day-to-day to support local charities who help people in Cambridge. Every quarter, we donate towards these charities to help people maintain dignity in ways it can be easy to take for granted.

Click on any of these logos above to learn more about their amazing work and please, if you can, donate something towards their work too. Thank you.