360 assessment

Looking for a 360 assessment solution for you or as part of a development programme for a larger number of people? A 360 assessment can be really useful to help gather evidence for your next performance review, an interview or promotion application.

Our 360 assessment tool enables you to explore any capability area you want.  This may specifically include emotional awareness, stakeholder engagement, adaptability or team behaviour.  Alternatively, you can go broad and explore general leadership skills, or use your organisation’s competency framework.  A well-designed 360 can help you and your colleagues share feedback that is constructive, non-judgemental and structured to fit with your priorities.  You can then use the results to focus on key areas of change and performance improvement.

What makes our tools different?

  • Designed for you – Our tool can be fully tailored to reflect your organisation’s competency framework or a specific set of behaviours that you want to rate.  Once the feedback is in from your raters, we then offer a coaching session to discuss your profile.  
  • Simple process – Our cloud based 360 assessment tool manages your full 360 assessment process from selecting the areas for feedback, selecting your raters and then gathering the feedback in a suitable timeframe. 
  • Supports constructive feedback – As part of this service, we give guidance to raters about how to offer useful feedback. We can also offer one to one discussions to help people to reflect on the feedback they are receiving and how this helps to frame plans to meet development goals.
  • Development support – we provide you with a feedback report and can also offer a telephone based coaching service to discuss your profile with you and help you generate your next steps.