Data protection at Santa Ltd


Prancer, the HR Director at Santa Ltd, was recently reviewing Data Protection policies at Santa Ltd using the ACAS Personnel data and Record Keeping report.  Prancer was thinking about conducting at employee survey at Santa Ltd during a quieter period next January.  Prancer wanted to understand the workforce better, for example whether:

  • there were different attitudes to work based on age and experience,
  • worklife balance practices had different impact on male and female employees
  • Santa Ltd was being a positive diverse employer.

However, Prancer was concerned about asking questions around gender, ethnic background, age and other personal demographics in the survey. Prancer approached Talent Glue to understand more about the employee survey design and what to do about these questions.  Talent Glue helped Prancer to design the employee survey to gather the information that Santa Ltd needed to explore these issues and develop its HR policies and practices.


Merry Christmas from Talent Glue!