Designing engaging jobs

People are more motivated, and perform better, in a job that is well designed. They won’t if there’s too much ambiguity, conflicting priorities, contradictory demands or lack of meaningful work. As well as the resulting stress, these things cause a steady drop in productivity. So, how do we make sure the job is well designed?

Job design is concerned with how an individual can co-ordinate their different responsibilities to perform effectively. As people develop and organisations change, the design of the job can become misaligned – tasks that are no longer relevant, duplication of effort, or the worker has become so efficient at the role that they no longer feel any challenge from it.  The result is that extra effort does not result in extra performance; discretionary effort of engaged employees no longer achieves better performance.

We work with HR and line managers to look at the context, expectations and performance demands of the job. We also look at the fuzzy things that make it rewarding and fun to do.