Feeling a bit anxious?

If you’re feeling a tad anxious at the moment (and you’re in good company as many of us seem to be), here’s a quick exercise you could do adapted from the world of #mentalhealthfirstaid:
– write down your fears on paper – what are you really fearful about happening?
– next to your fear(s), what are you doing or avoiding doing as a result of these fears?
– and next to that list, write out what impact that is having
– and finally, what alternative things could you do to still get what you want

So as an example, my fear might be that I’ll catch COVID and get horribly ill. This means I’m avoiding going out and meeting people. This will make me feel especially lonely in the winter. I could contact my friends and organise going on a walk together (with a flask of something yummy and warming) instead. 

If you are worried about new lockdown measures, try to start doing the alternative things on your list now so that you feel less disrupted by any measures put in place.

Hope this helps.