The manager’s role in change when working remotely

The manager's role in change when working remotely
Picture Source: Anna Shvets

Are you planning to remotely restructure, resize, refocus your team or organisation? Uncertainty will always make change messy and people will always react in unpredictable ways to change. But how do you navigate this when your people are working remotely?

The manager’s role in change that is arguably the most valuable is helping to keep the people who will deliver the current and future business goals.  The last thing you want is for the people you really want to keep to be the ones who choose to go; to become ‘regretted leavers’. So how can you make sure that you have your managers on board, aligned and willing to support change?

Why choose this workshop?

To gain the most positive commitment from your managers, this workshop helps them focus on their role in your organisation’s change programme – both the explicit expectations and well as the often unsaid demands on them. Investment in this workshop offers…

… a message to people that their employer cares about the impact of change on their careers – whether they are staying or leaving

… managers a sense of clarity around their role and what they can do to help themselves and each other

…a way to involve managers in the change and respect their relationship with their team members

What to expect from this workshop

The session(s) help to build the following management capabilities during different stages of the change programme:

Managing self and others: Guiding people through the emotional impact of change including their own reaction to any change and demonstrating awareness and dealing sensitively with others’ emotional reactions

Managing chaos: Change can damage the normal routines and processes, and these details can be overlooked during change programmes. So we will look at refocusing on short and medium term priorities and ensure that priorities and new performance requirements are clear

Building commitment to the future organisation: Helping team members to consider how they fit into that as yet unknown future organisation. This includes creating and rebuilding organisational relationships and staying connected with people who may be leaving

Workshop options

The contents of this workshop can be delivered in one go or over a period of weeks to support and align with your change programme.  Workshops can be delivered online or face-to-face. Additional time helps to build a sense of community which, in turn, means you are more likely to retain those managers – at a time when many of us are re-negotiating that psychological contract with the workplace.

One-off session: This 2-3 hour session will practically support people with understanding the manager’s role in change and equip them with some tools to help them hold crucial conversations with their teams.

Two split sessions: Investment in two 2-3 hour sessions enables time for debate and shared learning. Managers benefit significantly from hearing each others’ responses, questions, concerns.

A series of workshops: These align with your change programme and creates a just-in-time environment where managers can focus on ‘what next’. In these sessions, managers are encouraged to agree on what to do as a management population.

To explore how we can deliver any of these options or develop something more bespoke for your change programme (they are all different after all), please contact me at Kelly Drewery. To see how else I can help you when you are going through change, please see my other Change services.