Family and friends as 360 assessment raters?

ticksIf we’re basing all the responses on self-reports, which is the norm, rather than having somebody else giving them the feedback, then we may be handing people’s biased perceptions right back to them.

Prof. Connelly, University of Toronto

Research from University of Toronta’s Business School indicates that the best raters for personality assessments are actually family and friends.  The research also indicates that they are better raters than any self ratings of personality.  There are two key implications for this research:

  1. During recruitment, personality tests conducted during recruitment are typically self-assessment. Yet these self assessment tools are well known to have poor predictive validity – that using them as part of a selection process does not lead to selecting higher performing people.  There is implication that a 360 assessment seeking feedback from a range of referees could significantly improve this validity.  If recruiters gather feedback from co-workers, family and friends they will gain a more accurate and reliable assessment of personality and fit to the role.
  2. During personal development, 360 assessments could use a wider than normal range of stakeholders to include family and friends.  This expands the opportunity to gather feedback relevant to people’s personality and how this influences their job performance.