Renewing the psychological contract

Worker at home

2020 had us all reflecting on what matters most to us.  Our journeys may all have been different, but what is the same is that we have all emerged with a slightly different attitudes to work and to life.  Whether you are a leader, manager or worker, it’s a good time to thinking about renewing the psychological contract – we hold to reflect any changing circumstances. 

Many of us are still muddling through working remotely, extended hours or doing different work. Research by Buffer has shown that whilst 98% workers want to keep working remotely some of the time, they may experience poorer collaboration, communication and loneliness.  There is an emerging gap between worker plans and employer expectations as we look to return to the work’place’.  See my research on this in this blog article.

Why choose this workshop?

To keep everyone at a sustainable level of functioning, this workshop helps managers and workers to reflect on their current ‘muddle through’ and renegotiate their formal and psychological contracts onto more sustainable terms. Supporting people to hold these crucial conversations boosts …

… wellbeing and resilience as expectations are managed in a way that moves people from muddle through to thriving again

… performance as jobs, targets and processes are reset to reflect changing circumstances

… retention as people reflect on what they are actually able to achieve given the constraints or opportunities they currently have available

What to expect from this workshop?

This interactive workshop session looks at our changing attitudes towards work and the workplace, and what impact that has on how we work. The session helps attendees to…

.. reflect on the changing expectations of workers, the impact these may have and the benefits of renewing the psychological contract

… explore changing requirements from the employer’s perspective. What does it all mean for our work ‘place’ and employment contracts?

… hold the crucial re-contracting conversation with your manager or direct reports.

Service Options

The workshop(s) are delivered online or face-to-face and are supported by an attendee workbook. So much information emerges from the discussions in these workshops that it can be a rich source of research for refining people policies.

One-off session: This 2 hour session covers three core areas that workers or managers will want to think about around renewing the psychological contract and tips for holding the crucial conversation

Two split sessions: Investment in two 2-3 hour sessions enables time for debate and shared learning. Individuals benefit significantly from hearing each others’ responses, questions and perspectives.

Consultancy: The workshops are supported by consultancy support around the implications for your people policies and practices.

To explore how we can deliver any of these options or develop something more bespoke for your workforce, please contact me at Kelly Drewery. To see how else I can help you with your employee experience, see more here.