Coaching a team to ‘reset’

Covid has profoundly affected business and teams. In particular, the changing ways of communicating and attitudes towards work is changing how teams function.  Empathy, resilience and faster decision making are more highly valued than before (CEMS, 2021).  Psychological safety is needed to help people to be their best selves and to thrive under seemingly invisible pressures. Strong, positive team dynamics seem to be key to surviving and thriving as individuals and in business.  How managers support their teams is changing too.  Resetting norms, revisiting processes, understanding constraints and redefining the team all have quietly become the manager’s role.  Addressing these things collaboratively through team coaching will help your team to recontract and get everyone back on track to achieve team goals.

I provide a range of team development services for people at all levels of an organisation.  We can work with you for one to one training on how to hold better team meetings, with the team on how they engage with each other, or work to develop the team’s skills around action learning so the group work together to help coach one person through an issue by providing differing perspectives. Typical team programme elements may include a toolbox combination of:

  • learning sessions to bring new thinking into the team
  • facilitation of discussions around particular problems
  • team building activities to bring a personal touch and a renewed sense of belonging
  • coaching issues in real time as they emerge for the group
  • 1:1 coaching as needed in supporting individuals
  • diagnostic assessment of the team’s functioning including its social norms, processes and skills

Every team is unique in its context, purpose and people. By using a team coaching programme, you get rapid impact on specific issues that matter right now. 

I can support a team via online delivery through Teams or Zoom.  Help your people work together more effectively more here