Team building workshop

Team building boosts the relationships amongst team members through raising their self and social awareness such as through their personality differences and team role preferences. We can use a range of assessment tools and models to support the specific aims for the team building. We use the results of the assessments to help you to reflect on the environment you work in, articulate how each person prefers to work and help build mutually beneficial working relationships with colleagues.

We provide a team workshop supported by individual assessment and coaching discussions. The tools we use will depend on you aims for the workshop. We offer each individual a telephone or online coaching session to discuss their profile. This is typically for 1.5 hours. We then bring the group together to help explore the implications of the team’s profile including:

  • exploring the implications of your team’s profiles,
  • playing to the team’s strengths and differences
  • managing the team’s quirks positively
  • reflect on how best to manage the relationships with the people around the team