Team talk at Santa Ltd

ReindeerWorking as a team under pressure is naturally important at Santa Ltd.  Knowing each others strengths and preferences can really help the reindeer team.

During November 2012, the team underwent a Belbin team roles assessment to help them prepare for the pressures of Christmas Eve.  Prancer, the HR Director, picked this particular assessment tool as the merit of each of the team roles was simple and clear to understand.  “Each reindeer had to complete a short assessment questionnaire which was then analysed and a profile ‘type’ was established. We then discussed these profiles, people’s strengths and allowable weaknesses.  The exercise gave each reindeer permission to raise issues or concerns.”

Dancer, who is teamed with Dasher at the front of the sleigh team, found the exercise was really useful for highlighting her strength as a Shaper (a role where she keeps the team moving) as well as an allowable weakness associated with that role (such as getting a bit huffy about the team not staying focused).  Comet, an innovative but quiet team member found that the team listened more to his ideas after the exercise demonstrated the value of him being a Plant.  The team is trying Comet’s new GPS system this year which can be followed at

See the video below for more about Belbin’s Team roles… If you are interested in implementing Belbin Team roles exercise with your team, please contact us.  Kelly is an accredited Belbin Team Roles assessor and can work with you individually or as a team to explore the implications of your personal profile and preferences.