10 reasons to call a Business Psychologist

How does a Business Psychologist help? The reasons are varied but they are all about getting the best out of people. So, what are the top 10 reasons to call a Business Psychologist?

1) If you are haemorrhaging talented people (the ‘regretted leavers’)
2) You want be more of a magnet for bringing good or diverse people on board
2) People aren’t behaving ‘on brand’
3) You fear there’s a lack of buzz, pizazz or razzle dazzle in your virtual office/ meetings/ world 
4) People have potential but you need a plan to help them grow themselves (and in a way that makes them want to stay with you)
5) People seek permission for everything and leaders are drowning in crazy detail
6) People say ‘yes’ but then frankly don’t really deliver 
7) One or more people thinks it’s ok to be aggressive 
8) Erm, a team of people isn’t quite bringing out the best in each other 
9) You have tried every angle to change things (even replacing people) but, aargh, it still feels the same or worse (where ‘it’ could be culture, performance, motivation etc)
10) Lots of people are burning out a bit

or 11) you’ve simply read or watched Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, Susan Cain or co and fancy applying some of that stuff to your workplace but need someone to help implement your ideas with you. Yeah, that too 😄. 

See more about what a Business Psychologist does here and how what we offer is different to either HR professionals or occupational psychologists.

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