Workforce wellbeing

The reality for many employers right now is that their workforce is hugely divided in its experiences – people may be physically unwell, lonely and isolated, busy caring for dependents or feel burnout from work encroaching on their home space. Much of this is not visible to employers.

This workforce wellbeing diagnostic assessment looks across four key dimensions: the individual worker, job-related factors, the working environment and the organisational context. The assessment investigates the impact of all these factors on your people’s wellbeing, engagement and performance. For example, maintaining trust when remote working, managing performance, adapting operational processes or how to manage organisational change.

Our interactive assessment offers feedback to individuals completing the assessment about ways that they can influence their environment to help contribute to cultivating a healthy workplace. We also look at the overall picture across teams, departments and the organisation to identify any systemic, policy or cultural changes that might help boost a more resilient workplace.

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