Want to reach your potential? Feeling a bit stuck?

As a Business Psychologist, Kelly specialises in helping you explore your place in your professional community or ‘ecosystem’. Her coaching toolkit includes a range of psychology techniques such as NLP, CBT and psychometrics to help you achieve the transformation that you personally want to make. We explore where you are currently and then dig into areas where you might feel stuck or have blind spots. We also explore your ecosystem – where you have control or influence – to help your changes stick and for you to feel and be your brilliant self. You choose the focus and depth of the coaching to help you get going on the things that will make a difference.

If you are new to coaching or not even sure if coaching is the right investment for you, lets ‘triage’ together

Barefoot trained coach
Mental Health First Aider
Dare to Lead trained

How I can help

I work with individuals directly in sessions via Zoom, MS Teams or phone, as you prefer. Face-to-face sessions held in Cambridge, UK.

Management coaching

As a team leader, you are juggling multiple people’s priorities, work through ‘wicked problems’ or overwhelm. Kelly’s intention as your coach is to work with what you bring to each coaching session. You hold the agenda. As a Business Psychologist, Kelly’s coaching helps you make sense of the organisational dynamics at play and to develop your ability to respond, rather than react, to the situation you are facing.

Are you ready for coaching?

Although i thought I was already on top of what I needed to do as a manager, you gave me some really useful points for reflection. For how to look after myself in the middle of it all. Thanks Kelly.”

Middle manager, Technology organisation

Psychometrics feedback and coaching

Sometimes we can feel stuck or somehow derailed from where we planned to be by now. Perhaps you are stuck in conflict with a colleague, have patterns repeating themselves in your career, have been overlooked for promotion, are at a crossroads. Kelly can offer a range of ‘off the shelf’ assessment tools (see below) to help you explore your motivations, style, preferences and strengths. She offers an hour’s coaching session to help you make meaning from your profile. This can also be conducted as part of a recruitment or development process within an organisation.

Bespoke 360 assessment

Needing something bespoke to gather feedback from your stakeholders? Maybe you are senior manager, a small business owner or looking to develop professionally. You have a particular set of behaviours, professional competency framework or feedback in mind but there is no obvious tool to help you gather this efficiently or anonymously. Kelly offers access to a 360 assessment service that can be designed just for you. Kelly works with you to design an effective tool, takes care of all the logistics and explores the results with you.

Psychometric tools

Fifteen Factor Questionnaire+ (15FQ+™)

This assessment is built on 50 years of pioneering research by the eminent psychologist, Ray Cattell. It provides an in-depth view of personality. The 16 factors measured by the 15FQ+™ paint a detailed picture of the ‘bright side’ of a person’s personality: what they are usually like.

BPS Occ Standards test user

BPS accredited test user for various occupational, personality and ability tests. (formerly known as Level A and B)

Hogan Development survey (HDS)

For those in positions of responsibility, dysfunctional interpersonal skills are amongst the most frequent causes of failure. This assessment helps describe the potentially dysfunctional side of our personality – our ‘dark side’ behaviours that emerge in times of increased strain. We all have areas of ‘risk’ that can disrupt relationships. By being more aware of our dark-side personality, we can recognize and mitigate performance risks before they become a problem.

. See more about HDS

Belbin Team Roles

Used to identify strengths and weaknesses in how we behave in teams. Whether developing people, resolving conflict or fine-tuning high performance, Belbin Team Role reports provide the language to ensure that individuals and teams communicate and work together with greater understanding.

See more about Belbin