Capability development

Are you a manager looking to become more effective but struggling to get the right career development support? In many industries, organisations with limited L&D budgets, have had to focus on recruiting people fully ready to do the job and to develop very specific skills. This leaves the onus on people to invest in their own development to become more effectiveness and better able to adapt to change.

In what feels like increasingly complex times, organisations are finding a greater need to fully define their core capabilities. For some, technology advances are changing the nature of supply chains. For others, competitive advantage is in the people and they’re having a battle to keep the best, the good, and sometimes even the average. As a result, any one job is proving more difficult to recruit a person to fit the requirements. We help employers to define, measure and smartly grow their capabilities.

Where to start

Try our assessment to help you plan some easy next steps to develop your general employability.

“Organizational capabilities… are key intangible assets. You can’t see or touch them, yet they can make all the difference in the world when it comes to market value. These capabilities—the collective skills, abilities, and expertise of an organization—are the outcome of investments in staffing, training, compensation, communication, and other human resources areas. They represent the ways that people and resources are brought together to accomplish work. They form the identity and personality of the organization by defining what it is good at doing and, in the end, what it is. They are stable over time and more difficult for competitors to copy than capital market access, product strategy, or technology.” Smallwood & Ulrich (2004)

Where we focus

We focus on the various elements – skills, knowhow, behaviours and values – that people develop across a range of competences. As individual workers, we each develop a combination of these competences to help us perform our current role, develop our career and make us more valuable as a worker. As teams, organisations or supply chains, there are shared competences that make our organisations develop unique capabilities to perform, innovate and differentiate. This thinking is core to how we work with you on capability development.


General competences that are important throughout our career. Help us be efficient and able to adapt to change.


Professional competences that are transferable across employers. Helps us be effective in our specific role.


Developed in the team to help you function together more effectively. Help us be an effective team member.


Developed the longer you are exposed to an organisation’s systems, processes, and culture. Help us get things done through the organisation’s dynamics.


Knowhow you absorb about the industry or market sector: competitors, innovation pathways. Help us build stronger partnerships and alliance networks.


Specialist skills developed in a particular role often developed on-the-job. Help us perform in the role but are not transferable to other roles.

How we can help

We can help you, your team or your organisation in various ways, including:

Professional development coaching

Kelly coaches managers and professionals to support their soft skill development. The focus of this oaching is developing your competences and capabilities that help you reach peak performance and potential. Sessions are via Zoom, Teams, phone, or face-to-face if you are based near Cambridge, UK.

Capability profiling

We work with employers to evaluate capability across all your relevant forms competence.  Our profiling enables you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your team, dept or wider workforce to help you to explore capability strengths and gaps to help you strategically plan your development programmes and investments.

Performance and Potential

Sometimes as a result or growth or change, performance management processes become misaligned with the organisation’s needs. It becomes more difficult to know how the organisation is performing in relation to its goals. We work with organisations to help review the design of their performance management programmes to better fit the needs of their organisation. 

What clients have said

“We found the capability profile and network mapping of our dept to offer new insight into what we are actually really good at. It has helped us to identify people with potential we didn’t honestly know they had. It’s helped us to plan our development needs for the dept and feel confident we are actually investing in the right things to make a difference. Thanks for the new window into our world.” Public sector HR Director.