Employee experience

Employees clapping

How do you create a great employee experience? Organisations with an effective story, brand and consistent employee experience will engage more and different types of people who together create an organisation’s future success. We help you to evaluate and refine the employee experience for your workforce to help your organisation be a great place to work. 

To attract and retain talented employees, your brand story ensures you are noticeable, relevant and differentiated from other employers competing for your employees.  A brand that resonates with employees has integrity between what is espoused about the organisation and their employee experience. A misaligned brand can create distrust, disconnection and disengagement in the workforce.  

Our services

We design the service we provide for each client’s needs. For example, we have:

  • helped reinforce a meaningful and coherent brand as an employer experiences rapid growth
  • segment the workforce to better retain particular demographic groups
  • prioritising investment and support to help a workforce through significant and sustained change
  • close the gaps in what is being promised by a brand with what is being delivered to increase a culture of integrity
  • help good employers become great employers through benchmarking with others who are ‘doing it well’

We also offer the following specific products and services

Designing engaging jobs

Job design is concerned with how an individual can co-ordinate their different responsibilities to perform effectively. As people develop and organisations change, the design of the job can become misaligned. We work with HR and line managers to look at the context, expectations and performance demands of the job.

Employee experience surveys

Achieving employee engagement is a strategic activity when it aligns people to business goals and objectives. Our employee surveys help evaluate the employee experience in your organisation.

Selecting people to ‘fit’ your employer brand

An employer brand helps an employer stand out in the competition for its employees. We support you in designing refining your brand proposition as well as practical things like aligning your recruitment process to find people who ‘fit’.

Our research and publications

We regularly conduct research with individual employers and across the industry around the employment deal.  The economic and industrial environment can have a real impact on the relationship between employers and workers – influencing the investment in pay, people’s skills and how employers relate to their workforce.

What makes a great employer

Companies that understand how managers engage their teams, and support those managers, are more likely to be the great employers of the future. Great employers will understand and anticipate the future and prepare to attract, retain and motivate excellent employees to deliver customer satisfaction. This report explored international issues around company culture and the role of the leader/manager in engaging with individuals.

Published by Manpower. Author: Daniel Kashmir; Research manager: Kelly Drewery.

Gen Up: How the recession has affected attitudes

In the economic downturn, attitudes have changed towards employers. This research report shows how these attitude changes differ between the generations in the workforce which partly reflect their experience of previous economic downturns. The key implications for HR and management practice relate to attracting and engaging employees, supporting those employees to perform, and managing employees through change. This research is a follow up study from the 2008 Gen Up research.

Published by Talent Glue. Author: Kelly Drewery.

Gen Up: How the four generations work

The research examined why generational diversity matters as an issue for HR practitioners. We investigated the implications of generational diversity for employee engagement strategies and what organisations can do to attract and engage the four different generations currently in the workplace. What was unique about this research was the exploration of potential sources of misunderstanding and conflict that could emerge through lack of generational awareness. Tips for creating a winning engagement strategy were identified.

Published by CIPD and Penna. Authors: Kelly Drewery, Anne Riley and Heather Staff.