Workforce Wellbeing

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Currently, mental wellbeing is high up on most agendas for many obvious reasons. The reality for many employers right now is that their workforce is hugely divided in its experiences – people may be physically unwell, lonely and isolated, busy caring for dependents, homeschooling or feel burnout from work encroaching on their home space. Much of this is not visible to employers.

Even though the context is hugely different to a year ago, what remains the same is the framework for understanding how to strategically manage workforce wellbeing. We look across four key dimensions: the individual worker, job-related factors, the working environment and the organisational context. For example, maintaining trust when remote working, managing performance, adapting operational processes or how to manage organisational change.

Our Services

Workforce wellbeing diagnostics

Our workforce wellbeing diagnostic assessment investigates the impact of individual and organisational context on your people’s resilience, engagement and performance.

‘Dark Sides’ assessment

The ‘dark side’ of our personality emerges in times of stress and creates dysfunctional behaviours. We provide an assessment and offer a telephone or online feedback session to help you explore the implications of your dark side personality profile.

Our research and publications

Our programme of research around wellbeing in the workplace looks at what organisations are doing well to boost wellbeing or what they can practically do if they face workforce wellbeing problems.

Workplace wellbeing

What are employers doing to enhance wellbeing in the workplace whilst maintaining a productive, engaged workforce?  See the report here.For the employers we visited as part of our research for this report, we found that they have used a combination of practices to maintain wellbeing in their workplace.

Published by Talent Glue in partnership with COEL and Cambridge Plants

Working Minds: Mindout for Mental Health
Working Minds report

People with mental health problems face severe discrimination at work. This is the result of a lack of understanding and awareness – among employers, managers and employees in general – about the nature of mental illness and associated problems and how to deal with them.

Published by The Industrial Society for the Mindout for Mental Health Campaign.

Health at work in the NHS

This research was a ten year evaluation of health promotion activities in the NHS exploring how the NHS can be a demonstrable good employer by looking after it own workforce’s health concerns.

Published by Health Development Agency (now part of NICE).