Mental Health First Aid kit bag

This kit bag is designed for people with generally sound levels of mental health but who occasionally lapse into dips in their sense of mental wellbeing. It is designed to be informative but is light hearted in style. If you feel you are experiencing more serious mental wellbeing problems such as depression, anxiety etc, please contact a professional via one of the organisations listed here.

Thermometer – where are you on the mental health spectrum?
Mental vitamins – ways to keep your mind in peak performance
Antibac hand sanitiser – an exercise to clear out unproductive thoughts and change the way you view a problem
Paracetamol‘ – an exercise to help tune down painful or unhappy memories
Plaster – an exercise to plaster over things anxieties and build your confidence (coming soon)
Gloves – an exercise to help if you are feeling socially withdrawn (coming soon)
Antihistamines – an exercise to help reduce ‘defensive over-reaction’, in other words, reduce anxiety (coming soon)
Bandage – binding things together to to find a way forward (coming soon)
Bruise cream – fixing damage and improving mental muscle strength (coming soon)