Organisation Development


What makes your organisation a great place to work?

We help employers improve team or wider workforce experiences. For example, difficulties attracting or retaining people, workforce burnout, problems with inclusion or seeing the organisation through a significant workforce transformation. We help employers explore the good and bad quirks that can emerge over time in the organisation. Good quirks create the uniquely engaging environment that attracts and keeps the right talent. The not-so-good quirks emerge unintentionally as the organisation evolves. These might include well intended ‘good practices’ but which prove to be a misfit with the organisation’s maturity or culture. There might be a gap between employer and worker expectations.

Where to start?

Lets discuss where you are currently and what you are trying to achieve.

How can we help?

We can help your team or your organisation in various ways, including:

Managing teams through change

Managing change requires grit. Pain points that you might face include defiant resistance, loose ends, forgotten detail, lack of route map, and that feeling of herding cats. No manager wants to deal with change that’s been imposed on them. But we are often faced with it – and wearing two hats as someone experiencing change as well as managing others through it too. Coaching a group of managers as they go through change practically equips them with tools and support to thrive. Sessions can be delivered online or face-to-face.

“Kelly’s approach is very much one of partnership. She takes time to really understand the organisation from the outset, identifies relevant HR metrics, hosts a professional engagement survey and provides great clarity and insight around the results… in turn, this enables us to recognise and celebrate what is working well and take action on what is not… We consistently achieve response rates above 75% and over a ten year period have seen that the actions we have taken as a result of the findings have improved the performance of our organisation.” Engagement and Communications Manager, Professional Services

Great place to work

You may have cool appeal such as the ergonomic design of your office or empower people to be fully mobile workers. We help you build a strong culture by looking at the overall picture across teams, departments and the organisation to identify any systemic, policy or cultural changes that might help boost a more resilient workplace. Our consultancy support is bespoke to your specific needs. This includes working to align what they do, how they do it and their values, with the direction of the organisation.  

Managing team performance

Sometimes as a result or growth or change, performance management processes become misaligned with the organisation’s needs. It becomes more difficult to know how the team is performing in relation to its goals. We work with organisations to help review the design of their performance management programmes to better fit the needs of teams.