Capability profiling

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Looking to better understand the skills, capabilities or personal preferences in your team, department or the whole workforce? Do you want to understand what types of people feel more engaged with your workplace or the critical skills you need to succession plan? Maybe you want to model what your high performers are like? 

We work with employers to evaluate the management and leadership capability across the organisation.  Capability profiling enables you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your team, dept or workforce.  Additional workforce modelling helps you to answer questions like

  • which abilities and competences are driving higher performance.  
  • articulate what skills and abilities are required in current recruitment, promotion or other activities
  • design large scale training and development programmes 
  • inform any changes to performance management programmes around which behaviours should be rewarded
  • modelling skills that are at risk of being lost to the organisation due to retention issues or from a glut in retirements.  

What makes our assessments different?

  • Designed for you – we can provide a robust off-the-shelf behavioural assessment framework, use your competency framework or we can use any set of skills, behaviours or knowledge requirements that you would like to profile.  
  • Individual CPD plan – Our cloud based interactive capability assessment tools are designed to be easy and interesting for your people to complete. Participants immediately receive feedback about their capability profile and are offered bespoke ideas to support their ongoing continuing professional development (CPD). 
  • Team or Organisational Capability profiles – we also provide different types of insight for you about the overall profile of your people to help you strategically plan your development programmes and investments. 
  • Workforce planning models – we can use a combination of self assessment, 360 assessments, employee surveys and other performance information to assess capability levels.  By adding attitude questions or workforce data, we can model core capabilities to support your workforce/succession planning activities.