Selecting people to ‘fit’ your employer brand

An employer brand is about why an organisation is a compelling place to work. It can have a tangible appeal such as the ergonomic design of office space. It can also be intangible such as how people behave towards each other. A brand helps an employer stand out in the competition for its employees. We support you in creating, communicating and maintaining your brand proposition and helping you build a stronger culture. We may explore with you things like:

  • what people want from you as an employer – we find its really useful to think about doing some market research with your employees
  • tangible and intangible ‘touchpoints’ that people experience as individual employees through their career lifecycle such as their performance review, career development opportunities or support for their wellbeing
  • tangible and intangible organisational factors such as core capabilities, reputation as an employer, HR practices, leadership
  • your communications such as recruitment messages and your communication channels to reach your target audiences.

One example area where we work with our clients is to design selection processes that choose people for ‘fit’. We do this by:

  • ensuring that the recruitment experience reflects the organisation and attracts the right talent
  • developing an appropriate selection process with the right selection criteria
  • identifying the key skills and behaviours they are looking for. This might be identifying the core capabilities for roles or how to assess people for their behaviour under pressure
  • helping to define the context in which a preferred someone can contribute to best effect.
  • designing assessment centres including psychometric tools and role play exercises. We provide candidates with feedback so they are clear about their fit with your organisation.