Employee experience surveys

Employee engagement is influenced by how your people experience the organisation throughout the employment lifecycle. Without evidence of how this relationship manifests itself, it is hard to know what impact there is of further investment to boost employee engagement. Our employee surveys therefore help evaluate the employee experience in your organisation. 

We offer robustly designed ‘off the shelf’ tools as well as bespoke surveys which are tailored to your organisation’s aims. We explore the various touchpoints of the employee experience.   These tools can be used during a period of change, growth or to boost your organisation’s performance. We can offer a full service solution or can work with you on any part of your project.  

What makes our surveys different?

  • we focus on what make a difference for your specific organisation – we select tools and their design to emphasise building on your organisation’s strengths – after all, these are what attract people to work for you. Our diagnostic expertise is built on years of experience to really understand the key issues and how these can be practically addressed by HR and management practices
  • we use pioneering technology – our survey tools offer a range of features including automatic group tracking with unique identifiers, ‘save and continue’, mobile and iPad compatible, and flexible question types to help you get to the heart of the issues you want to be investigated
  • we offer an interactive experience for your employees – the survey gives the employee immediate feedback about what matters to them so they don’t have to experience a ‘black hole’ whilst waiting for action plans to cascade from senior management.
  • we offer pragmatic insight  – we use a variety of analytical techniques to explore and model views of different groups within your workforce to target your actions to best effect