Generational diversity workshop

The socioeconomic differences between workers across the generations is more pronounced than any time since the second world war. And these differences matter for employers.  What impact are they having in your working life? This workshop can really help HR professional and managers who find it difficult to attract or retain people from certain generational groups.


Why are generational differences an issue for employers?

  • The flatter structure of workplaces mean that there are fewer opportunities for younger people to progress ‘up through the ranks’ whilst older workers have experienced real change in how they are expected to manage their careers. The onus over the last 20 years has moved from employer to employees in most industries.
  • The technology revolution has affects us all and organisations are battling for people with digital and social media skills. Suddenly the traditional hierarchical organisation where the boss knows best, is not longer the case. Many managers are finding that they are managing people with skills they don’t understand.
  • Some of the people with the key skills needed by the business are in their 20s. Look back at the workplace of just 30 years ago and things were very different. Younger workers were seen as energetic but lacked the expertise of their more senior colleagues.


So why does all this actually matter? Well, it creates a paradox for employers. On the one hand, HR is expected to offer a ‘fair deal’ to all yet this means very different things to different people. Of course, there have always been differences in what people want and expect but we can better predict some of these differences based on people’s age groups.  It can also help if employers find problems with engagement amongst certain groups in their workforce.


This workshop can be delivered in a half or full day version.  The half day session looks specifically at the new generation Z coming into the workplace and the impact they may have on current policies and management practices.  The full day workshop explores the interaction between all the generations in the workplace and how their differences can cause engagement problems for spcific employee groups.