Our services and products

At Talent Glue, we are all about helping individuals and employers glue together. Our services and products cover a range of different methods to help support individuals, teams and organisations. We work on consulting and interim contracts. Sometimes, you need expert guidance; sometimes, you need someone to do the work.

Assessment and diagnostic tools

‘Dark Sides’ assessment

The ‘dark side’ of our personality emerges in times of stress and creates dysfunctional behaviours. We provide an assessment and offer a telephone or online feedback session to help you explore the implications of your dark side personality profile.

360 Assessment

Looking for a 360 assessment solution for you or as part of a development programme for a larger number of people? Our cloud based 360 assessment tool manages your full 360 assessment process including the option of coaching feedback sessions.

Capability profiling

Looking to better understand your people’s skills, capabilities or personal preferences? Our capability assessment tools offer immediate feedback and provide you with a skills profile to help strategically plan your development programmes and investments.

Employee experience surveys

Achieving employee engagement is a strategic activity when it aligns people to business goals and objectives. Our employee surveys help evaluate the employee experience in your organisation.

Team building workshop

Team building boosts the relationships amongst team members through raising their self and social awareness such as through their personality differences and team role preferences. We provide a team workshop supported by individual assessment and coaching discussions.

Team diagnostics

Our team diagnostics offer insight that enables more effective team conversations. Team dynamics can be affected by working context, supporting infrastructure, team competencies, people’s resilience and skill levels, and individual personalities. We explore the social capital that a team has from being physically together. The insight helps move the team quickly forward.

Workforce wellbeing diagnostics

Our workforce wellbeing diagnostic assessment investigates the impact of individual and organisational context on your people’s resilience, engagement and performance.


Team coaching

Team coaching helps improve collaboration, belonging and engagement within the team. We use online facilitation and coaching to help the team members find their voice and presence in the online space. We enable the team to develop their online relationships with each other.


Designing engaging jobs

Job design is concerned with how an individual can co-ordinate their different responsibilities to perform effectively. As people develop and organisations change, the design of the job can become misaligned. We work with HR and line managers to look at the context, expectations and performance demands of the job.

Performance management strategies

Sometimes as a result or growth or change, performance management processes become misaligned with the organisation’s needs. We work with organisations to help review the design of their performance management programmes to better fit the needs of their organisation. 

Selecting people to ‘fit’ your employer brand

An employer brand helps an employer stand out in the competition for its employees. We support you in designing refining your brand proposition as well as practical things like aligning your recruitment process to find people who ‘fit’.