Our services and products

At Talent Glue, we are all about helping individuals and employers glue together. Our services and products cover a range of different methods to help support individuals, teams and organisations.

Individual and team coaching


Selection and assessment

We coach individuals and teams to function better. We use bespoke designed assessment tools to help establish the impact on performance of team dynamics, contextual issues, and interference.

We run public and in-house workshops on a range of subjects from generational diversity to building trust. We deliver short one hour ‘lunch and learn’ sessions, half day and full day workshops.

We offer a number of off-the-shelf psychometric tools. We also create tools designed for your specific needs such as your competency framework or to assessment specific capabilities.

Diagnostics and research


Consulting and interim contracting

We conduct a range of evidence based diagnostics assessments to help identify underlying issues in your organisation. We link these to business outcomes. This way you can decide what action and what investment is needed to have the desired impact.

We offer toolkits to support learning as well as helping you to deliver. Our toolkits include assessment tools, diagnostic reporting and advisory content that is tailored to your needs.

We work on consulting and interim contracts. Sometimes, you need expert guidance; sometimes, you need someone to do the work.