We believe that a high performing organisation has a collection of well-functioning teams in middle management.  However, as their world evolves, even those well-functioning teams can get stuck over time. Peculiar behaviours emerge that stop the team in its tracks.  A stuck team may experience doubt, a drop in commitment, distrust, conflict – all symptoms that something is awry in the team’s work environment.  It is very rare that people – their personalities or their differences – are the source of the problem. Instead, the social beliefs held by the team, the shared processes, skills or relationships between team members deserve a closer look.

Covid has profoundly affected business and teams. In particular, the changing attitudes towards work is changing how teams function.  Empathy, resilience and faster decision making are more highly valued than before (CEMS, 2021).  Psychological safety helps people to be their best selves and to thrive under seemingly invisible pressures. Strong, positive team dynamics seem to be key to surviving and thriving as individuals and in business.  How managers support their teams is changing too.  Resetting norms, revisiting processes, understanding constraints and redefining the team all have quietly become the manager’s role. 

Who we work with?

Talent Glue works with management teams in the thick of the action in organisations. Those who most benefit from support are often those in the middle of the organisation trying to make things work in every direction. This is where we believe the magic happens that drives the organisation’s performance. We offer three core services but do please contact us to discuss your team requirements.

Team diagnostic

Our assessment offers evidence and insight that helps people with management, coach or facilitator roles to quickly hold effective conversations about what has made the team stuck.

The assessment explores the current context whether teams are frequently working remotely, hybrid or physically together. Our assessment integrates a range of well researched team models to help build a picture for the team around:

  • – social beliefs
  • – team processes
  • – teaming skills
  • – social awareness
  • – overall performance outcomes

This assessment is available as a self assessment, 360 assessment or as a team exercise to support workshops or coaching programme. For the 360 assessment, we offer each individual a telephone or online coaching session to discuss their profile. This is typically for 1.5 hours.

Team building workshop

Team building helps raise the team’s social awareness by helping members to reflect on the environment they work in, articulate how each person prefers to work and help build mutually beneficial working relationships with colleagues.

A team agreement emerges from the workshop around how people want to work together, something especially valuable in newly hybrid work environments. The workshop agenda is bespoke to meet your needs but might include:

  • – exploring the implications of your team’s diagnostic profile if you have completed the team diagnostic
  • – how to play to the team’s strengths and differences
  • – recognising a need to change team processes
  • – reflect on how best to manage the relationships with the people around the team

Our workshops are typically 2 hours and are delivered online via Zoom or MS Teams.

Team coaching and development

Every team is unique in its context, purpose and people. Taking a situational development approach, I provide support to the team in their current context.  Typical team programme elements may include a combination of:

  • new thinking via short workshop style learning sessions
  • – team coaching issues in real time as they emerge for the group
  • – facilitation of discussions around particular problems
  • – diagnostic assessment to help the team identify the areas they want to focus on together
  • – team building activities to bring a personal touch and a renewed sense of belonging
  • – 1:1 coaching as needed in supporting individuals

By selecting our team programme, you will get rapid impact on specific issues that matter right now as well as build the team’s capability. I offer online delivery through Zoom or MS Teams. A programme is typically six sessions of 2 hours over a three to six month period.

What clients have said

“I very much appreciated your sunny, cheerful disposition even in the face of what must seem like a stony, grumpy and exhausted SMT. For the record, you always made me smile on the inside. You did an amazing job in teasing out the convoluted strands and stripping away the accumulated baggage …. I could tell you just got it, or understood without ever really having to say it explicitly. Thank you for all you’ve done.” Team member, Legal practice