Team Experience


Are you a manager in the thick of the action? You are in the middle of the organisation trying to make things work in every direction. Most days you are the magic glue that holds everything together – translating the world of those making strategy above with the people taking action below. As a member of multiple teams, you notice that much of the success is in how each team works together. Some days, you find your team is simply stuck due to the team just not functioning, not matter how brilliant the people might be as individuals. What do you do?

The relationship with the manager is key to any employee’s experience. However brilliant a manager is, the team experience matters as does the the wider organisation’s policies and activities matter. It’s energy sapping for a team to face too much ambiguity, conflicting priorities, contradictory demands or lack of meaningful work.

As a Business Psychologist, I help explore the good and bad quirks that can emerge over time in the team. Good ones create the uniquely engaging environment that attracts and keeps the right talent. This is the stuff of high performing, innovating, buzzing teams. The not-so-good quirks emerge unintentionally as the organisation evolves such as misfit ‘good practices’ or a gap between employer and worker expectations. We help managers explore their team experience and work through problems that can appear: difficulties attracting, motivating, or retaining people.

Where to start?

Uncertainty will always make people react in unpredictable ways. But how do you navigate this when your people are hybrid working?

“When our interactions become …all about getting stuff done, the heart and soul of human connection is stripped back. What is left is a form of Taylorism, in which workers become like machines in a factory, processing a series of tasks. A motivated and productive workforce needs to be sustained by finding meaning, belonging and engagement in their work, and this comes from human relationships combined with the opportunity to make a real difference.” Georgina Woudstra, Mastering the Art of Team Coaching, 2021.

Where we focus

I help you to evaluate and refine the employee experience for your workforce to help your organisation be a great place to work. This includes working to align what they do, how they do it and their values, with the direction of the organisation.  An effectively managed employee experience has repeatedly been shown in research to improve engagement, retention, productivity and profitability.  Research has also demonstrated reduce costs from recruitment, improved employer relationships, improved retention and attracting good people for lower salaries.

How we can help

We can help you, your team or your organisation in various ways, including:

Managing teams through change

Managing change requires grit. Pain points that you might face include defiant resistance, loose ends, forgotten detail, lack of route map, and that feeling of herding cats. No manager wants to deal with change that’s been imposed on them. But we are often faced with it – and wearing two hats as someone experiencing change as well as managing others through it too. This 3 hour workshop practically equips managers with tools to hold crucial conversations with their teams. Workshops can be delivered online or face-to-face.

Great team culture

What makes your team great? You may have cool appeal such as the ergonomic design of your office. We help you build a strong team culture by looking at the overall picture across teams, departments and the organisation to identify any systemic, policy or cultural changes that might help boost a more resilient workplace. Our consultancy support is bespoke to your specific needs.

Managing team performance

Sometimes as a result or growth or change, performance management processes become misaligned with the organisation’s needs. It becomes more difficult to know how the team is performing in relation to its goals. We work with organisations to help review the design of their performance management programmes to better fit the needs of teams. 

What clients have said

“Kelly’s approach is very much one of partnership. She takes time to really understand the organisation from the outset, identifies relevant HR metrics, hosts a professional engagement survey and provides great clarity and insight around the results… in turn, this enables us to recognise and celebrate what is working well and take action on what is not… We consistently achieve response rates above 75% and over a ten year period have seen that the actions we have taken as a result of the findings have improved the performance of our organisation.” Engagement and Communications Manager, Professional Services