Business Psychology to help your people be their brilliant selves

Are you trying to achieve lasting behaviour change – for yourself, your team or your organisation? Perhaps you are finding that the changes you make don’t stick?

A Business Psychologist can help you identify underlying patterns that stop change happening, help you get unstuck and get going again.  

Explore how I can help you achieve behaviour change

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We offer discounted rates to organisations actively contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Learn more here about how Talent Glue contributes towards the SDGs and how we support other organisations to do the same.

How can I help?

Team Diagnostics

Teams of humans. We help you to diagnose the causes and impact of poor team dynamics.

Team Capability Development

Grow the skills, capabilities and behaviours you need to be an effective team leader or player.

Team Experience

Workplace, hybrid, remote. We help your team build an engaging, performing and healthy culture.

Our clients

Some of our clients include