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Kelly Drewery

I’m Kelly Drewery and, as a Business Psychologist, I help organisations become great employers so their people can feel engaged and effective in their work. I help to understand and solve people problems they may be experiencing. I study people, their networks and workplaces. The ‘Glue’ of Talent Glue is all about creating the stickiness between people and employers – the energy, connections and reputation we have that attracts each other – in a way that is healthy, productive and mutually rewarding. I help employers build that glue. I help managers, teams and individuals build that glue too by helping you ensure your skills and expertise remain relevant.

What are the different ways a Business Psychologist can help you as an employer?

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Employee Experience: Get help with making your organisation a great place to work more here
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Organisational Capability development: Know what talent you have in your organisation and how to go more  more here

Team working together
Team and social dynamics: Help your people work together more effectively more here
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Workforce wellbeing: Keep your people resilient and mentally well more here