Hello world! I’m Kelly Drewery and, as a Business Psychologist, I help organisations become great employers so their people can feel engaged and effective in their work. I study people, their networks and workplaces to help employers align multiple and sometimes competing needs.

Talent ‘Glue’ is all about creating the stickiness between people and employers – the energy, connections and reputation we have that attracts each other – in a way that is healthy, productive and mutually rewarding. I help employers build that glue by addressing questions like:

– How can we create a great employee experience? more here
– Who makes a difference in our organisation and how can we grow and keep them? more here
– How can we create teams that are greater than the sum of their parts? more here
– How can we create a working environment that enables wellbeing and resilience? more here

Talent Glue helps managers, teams and individuals build that glue too by help you ensure your skills and expertise remain relevant.

In the current world of physical distancing, do check out the services that I deliver completely online. If you would like to have a chat about how I can help, please do get in touch.