Business Psychology to help your team members be their brilliant selves

Hello World.  I’m Kelly and as a Business Psychologist, I help managers to really understand and solve messy team problems.  

Defining the problem is a stage that’s often skipped over in the rush to a fix.  When you are feeling stuck as a team, it’s almost invariably because the problem is ‘wicked’ in some way – competing tensions, lots of spaghetti threads, layers of fixing, no obvious core issue.

How do you know if team conflict is caused by one tricky relationship or whether there is something more systemic going on under the surface across the team? And when you’ve invested heavily in action, it’s painful to then find the problem still unresolved. This is where I help.

I believe we all want to be valued, to contribute, to grow, to connect with our tribe.  We are social animals and feeling part of a team matters.  We help make a happier, productive and more meaningful experience. In all the work I do, I help people to connect with each other.  I founded Talent Glue to help people to get unstuck and get going again, together.

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How can I help?

Team Diagnostics

Teams of humans. We help you to diagnose the causes and impact of poor team dynamics.

Team Capability Development

Grow the skills, capabilities and behaviours you need to be an effective team leader or player.

Team Experience

Workplace, hybrid, remote. We help your team build an engaging, performing and healthy culture.

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