Want behaviour change that sticks

… for you, your team or your organisation?

Welcome to Talent Glue

Making behaviour change stick is notoriously tricky 

It can take:
– making sense of a messy, complex situation
– having the knowhow to make a change
– bringing others along for the ride
– building sustainable habits and processes

Sounds like you need someone who understands behaviour change amongst individuals, teams and organisations. Hello, I’m Kelly Drewery and I’m a team coach and business psychologist who helps you find that glue. 

Kelly Drewery

So how might I help you?

Are you…

A professional looking to make a change?

A manager trying to bring your team together?

A leader or HR professional looking to create a better place to work?

My areas of expertise

Over 25 years, I have built a range of services to support employers, teams and individuals across five core areas of business psychology to

– Grow valuable capabilities

– Create well workplaces

– Enable good work

– Build inclusion and belonging

– Partner through change

What you can expect from Talent Glue?

I’m driven by creating great work Workforces are social communities. People provide the service, finesse the code, invent the widgets, spot the cost savings, create value, enable each other.  I focus on helping you create great work by growing your valuable capabilities, well workplaces and with the right people.

I look for the win: win in relationships. My mission is to enable employers to build good relationships by improving belonging in teams and creating a win:win with workers. Better relationships within teams and better relationships with stakeholders.

I support your social mission. We’re social animals paralysed by some overwhelming world problems.  The solutions depend on how we work together to make change happen through our workforce communities. As part of our social mission, Talent Glue therefore offers discounted rates to organisations actively contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Some of my recent publications

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