Team Diagnostics


We believe that a high performing organisation has a collection of well-functioning teams in middle management.  However, as their world evolves, even those well-functioning teams can get stuck over time. Peculiar behaviours emerge that stop the team in its tracks. 

A stuck team may experience doubt, a drop in commitment, distrust, conflict – all symptoms that something is awry in the team’s work environment.  It is very rare that people – their personalities or their differences – are the source of the problem. Instead, the social beliefs held by the team, the shared processes, skills or relationships between team members deserve a closer look. In what feels like increasingly complex times, organisations are finding a greater need to fully define team capabilities. Any one job is proving more difficult to recruit a person to fit the requirements. We help managers and employers to define, measure and smartly grow team capabilities using team diagnostics tools.

Where to start

Try our self assessment to help you reflect on what might be making your team stuck, whether you are working remotely, hybrid or physically together.

Creating the right environment can help organizations develop employees with grit…. The optimal environment will be both demanding and supportive. People will be asked to meet high expectations, which will be clearly defined and feasible though challenging. But they’ll also be offered the psychological safety and trust, plus tangible resources, that they need to take risks, make mistakes, and keep learning and growing.” Harvard Business Review, 2018

Where we focus

Our team capability development support is informed by a range of well researched team models to help build a picture for the team around:

The team’s self beliefs and social norms that create it’s culture

The team’s awareness of its environmental context and influences

The team’s ability to organisation itself and function as a unit

The team’s capability to function as a team

How we can help

We can help you, your team or your organisation in various ways, including:

Team RQ(R) diagnostics

Team RQ (R) is a diagnostic tool that measures and maps shared team capability. It focuses on quantifying the dynamics between the team members that makes the team greater than the sum of its parts.  For example, the team’s capability for handling issues such as conflict together.

Capability profiling

Our Capability Profiling tool takes a snapshot of the selected group’s capabilities, competencies and performance.  We create a bespoke assessment that fits with your competency framework and performance measures. It can be used to support evidence based decisions around your organisational structure based on shared strengths and weaknesses.

Team development centres

Whilst many selection methods focus on the individual, we work with HR teams and recruiting managers to assess and select people who are likely to be effective team players.  This includes assessment exercises to evaluate team fit, which can be unique to each team.

What clients have said

“We found the capability profile and network mapping of our dept to offer new insight into what we are actually really good at. It has helped us to identify people with potential we didn’t honestly know they had. It’s helped us to plan our development needs for the dept and feel confident we are actually investing in the right things to make a difference. Thanks for the new window into our world.”

Public sector HR Director