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Create team glue

Contextual team development that meets your team where they are and helps them move together to where you need them to be

Helping your team to bond

All teams have conflict. They can make it healthy conflict through team development that focuses on improving the quality of people’s relationships – their team glue. 

Did you know…

  • Team performance: Just 10% of teams can be considered to be high performing
  • Team maturity: 70% of teams never get past the storming phase
  • Team engagement: 85% of people have concerns about stuff that goes on at work but don’t mention it

“A high performing organisation has a collection of well-functioning teams at its core.  But sometimes, as their world evolves, even great teams can get stuck and peculiar behaviours emerge that stop the team in its tracks.  It is rare that people themselves are the source of the problem.  Doubt, non-commitment, lack of trust, conflict  – these behaviours are symptoms that something is awry in the work environment.  I support teams to unpick the interference.   Sometimes, they need to learn new things. Or, they need specialist knowhow for a period of time. Maybe, they need help to simplify their processes or relationships with others. And sometimes, they need space to reflect on how to work better together using all the resources that they already have between them.   The context matters for what team development is needed. Get the right support at the right time, the team stays glued together rather than stuck.”

Kelly Drewery

“I very much appreciated your sunny, cheerful disposition even in the face of what must seem like a stony, grumpy and exhausted SLT on the other side (for the record, you always made me smile on the inside); you did an amazing job in teasing out the convoluted strands and stripping away the accumulated baggage. Your excellent non-verbal communication skills… I could tell you just got it, or understood without ever really having to say it explicitly… you are passionate about the work you do and your excitement at certain breakthrough moments for us. Thank you.”

Senior member of an International Development team

“We were really struggling with morale and a high level of absence. The team coaching helped establish the boundaries within the team – where they are useful and not so useful. The sessions gave us space to share feelings and thoughts in a non-judgmental manner. We now have better understanding of roles, trust within the team, and its easier to rely on one another for support. Since the coaching, we were nominated for two awards and we actually won a national award in the teamwork category. We are really pleased about this and all see the positive change we have implemented. Thank you for giving us the support you did!”

Leader in NHS medical team

What you can expect from my team development services

Team awareness

I work with you to improve team wisdom, confidence, empathy and inclusion. Rediscover meaningful connection that creates the safe spaces for the team to experiment, make mistakes, learning and bond together. Every member of the team contributes to create a psychologically safe and trusting space.

Emergent team processes

Learning is strongest when the situation is explored together, shared meaning is created, and the team know how they get from A to B together. I help the team to unpack their unspoken ways of working into more tangible knowhow. Sometimes, these processes might want some fine finessing, a bit of revision, or to be put under the spotlight. We deal with these processes together as the need for them emerges.

Contextual team development

The team may be high functioning on some things, and yet completely stuck on others. I work with you to assess the team’s maturity and adjust the development support to match the team’s specific profile. Just-in-time training, a tweak in processes, coaching, a confidence nudge, some one-to-one support, may all be needed to keep the team going through thick and thin.

About Kelly

As a Business Psychologist, I help explore the good and bad quirks that can emerge over time in the team. I help your team to make the most of its strengths. A typical team is a fascinating melee of people with well developed strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, demanding stakeholders, quirky processes, unspoken assumptions, conflict and grit to muddle through it all. Over 25 years, my clients have included a variety of well-known brand names across public, private and not for profit sectors; large and small. So, reassuringly, I’ve probably come across a team quite like yours before!

Alongside finding the team’s positive energy, I also deal with the messy end of the spectrum of team and individual emotions. Often, I’m brought into teams when there are unruly goings on – all those behaviours that accidentally build up over time that can erode a good team or organisation: passive aggression, open conflict, overstressed, bad behaviour. Here, my job can be to sit in the fire with the team and help recognise, relax, recontract, reset, rebuild. It requires a space of vulnerability and exploration rather than directiveness.

Team Development services

man wearing gray blazer

Team RQTM map

Team relationship assessment that maps your team’s awareness and capabilities.

Team Reset workshop

Workshop with the team focused on (re)building psychological safety and tackling a specific topic of your choosing.

a group of people sitting while having conversation

Team Coaching

Series of team sessions to help the team build it’s glue.

Every team is different. For any of the above services, these can be tailored to your team’s requirements. Please do get in touch to discuss.

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