Team Development


Are you a manager looking to create a more effective team?

As a Business Psychologist, I help explore the good and bad quirks that can emerge over time in the team. This is the difference between high performing, innovating, buzzing teams and all the rest. We help your team focus on the various elements – skills, knowhow, behaviours and values – that are socially learned within the team. As individual workers, we each develop a combination of these competences to help us perform our current role, develop our career and make us more valuable as a worker. Through social learning, these become unique team capabilities to perform, innovate and differentiate. This thinking is core to how we work with you on your team development.

Where to start?

Knowing where to focus on developing the team can be tricky. Lets ‘triage’ this together.

How we can help

We can help you with your team in the following ways:

Team RQ(R) diagnostics

Team RQ (R) is a diagnostic tool that measures and maps shared team capability. It focuses on quantifying the dynamics between the team members that makes the team greater than the sum of its parts.  For example, the team’s capability for handling issues such as conflict together.


“I very much appreciated your sunny, cheerful disposition even in the face of what must seem like a stony, grumpy and exhausted SMT. For the record, you always made me smile on the inside. You did an amazing job in teasing out the convoluted strands and stripping away the accumulated baggage …. I could tell you just got it, or understood without ever really having to say it explicitly. Thank you for all you’ve done.”

Team member, Legal practice

Team coaching and development

A team’s development needs are unique to its context, purpose and people. Taking a situational development approach, Kelly provides team building, training, coaching, and facilitation to offer rapid impact on specific issues that matter right now.  A programme is typically six sessions of three hours over a three to six month period, delivered via Zoom or MS Teams.

Group development programmes

Managers who are good at engaging their team have several competencies in common. They support employee growth, they guard their integrity and they focus on team progress. They also navigate organisational obstacles in service of their team. We provide group coaching programmes for team managers to help peer groups of managers to get the best out of their teams.